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Friday, January 15, 2010

Goddess Durga

Goddess Durga is also the most powerful goddess acording to hindu mythology and it worshipped by all indians in different forms , It is a form of Goddess Bhagwati the wife of Lord SHiva and mother of two sons lord ganesha and lord karthikeya .She is also called ten armed goddess holding Sword, Conch, Discus, Rosary, Bell, Winecup, Shielf, Bow, Arrow and spear.She also symbolize the power of Woman dynamism.

It has said that all gods and goddesses has given his and her power to kill the demon mahisasur

Durga mantra:-


In india their is famous festival called durga puja in which many people worshipped her by bringing her idol for nine days .

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  1. nice post! every year during navratri season me along with my mother visit maa Durga temple and offer her prayers by chanting durga mantra with devotion. It is believed that people who be on fasting for these 9 days maa Durga will surely bless them with boons they wish for.


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